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Electric Surplus Equipment We Buy

Circuite breakers

Whether commercial circuit breakers, air frame circuit, residential or industrial- we buy all types, sizes, brands, and conditions of breakers. Our years of experience grants us knowledge of the market and we will provide great pricing for your item along with a simple process that allows for you to have full faith in our services. Give us a call, let us help you!

Demolition surplus

We provide multiple types of demolition services. Whether industrial, commercial, or residential demolition, salvage, and asset recovery. After receiving your photos, we will give you an estimate and come out within 48-hrs to remove the items from your property. The more you have, the more we’ll pay!

Electrical Surplus

There is no equipment too small, large, out-of-date or new that we won’t pay you for and take off your hands. Don’t waste time trying to figure out how to dispose of the units- just give us a call. Our staff will arrive and take care of the rest! If you are not satisfied with your experience, give us a call and we will resolve the matter immediately.

Surplus valves

Let us buy the outdated inventory off your hands! Our company has the expertise to dispose of the items that our taking up room in your storage or on your shelves. We will arrive at your location, examine the object, package it, provide a cash bid and remove the items from your property in just a matter of minutes! Don’t question n the condition- if you don’t want it, we’ll pay you for it.

Industrial Equipment

United Pacific Surplus will help you selling your industrial equipment whether is new or used . Don’t question on the condition- if you don’t want it, we’ll pay you for it.

Contact us today to talk to a representative and let us handle everything for you. 

Call us at: 1888-460-0552

Other Equipment We Buy

Insulated cases
Thermal magnetic trip systems
Electronic Trip Systems
Starters and components
Switch boards and switchgear Motor control

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